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Bill Number Bill Sponsor Law Section Bill Title Bill Year
Last updated: 01/05/2017
view A10084 Assemblymember Kevin A. Cahill Highway Law Designates a portion of the state highway system in the county of Ulster as the "Sergeant Shawn Michael Farrell II Memorial Highway" 2013-2014
view A10085 Assemblymember Phil Steck Railroad Law Creates a private right of action for injured persons due to obstructed farm and highway crossings 2013-2014
view A10086 Assemblymember Phil Steck Railroad Law Increases fines for obstructed farm and highway crossings 2013-2014
view A10087 Assemblymember John J. McEneny Criminal Procedure Law Relates to including members of the fire investigation unit of any city fire department as peace officers 2011-2012
view A10087 Assemblymember Sean M. Ryan Environmental Conservation Authorizes the department of environmental conservation to grant an easement through the Boutwell Hill state forest for electric generation facilities associated with a wind powered electric generation project 2013-2014
view A10088 Assemblymember Earlene Hooper Public Authorities Law Relates to public benefit corporations and the maintenance of a public health facility 2011-2012
view A10088 Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. Real Property Taxation Authorizes The Long Island Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Health and Human Services Network, Inc. to file an application for retroactive tax exempt status 2013-2014
view A10089 Assemblyman Joel M. Miller Dutchess County Amends chapter 97 of the laws of 2001 to change the poll hours for the Hyde Park Library District 2011-2012
view A10089 Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan Education Law Requires that the number of seats available in each borough for specialized high schools in the city of New York shall be proportionate to the number of public school students in each borough 2013-2014
view A1009 Assemblymember Kevin A. Cahill General Business Law Provides that any charges assessed by a credit card company for late payment shall not exceed five percent of the unpaid balance of any bill or twenty dollars 2011-2012
view A1009 Assemblymember David I. Weprin Insurance Law Provides for increased podiatry care and benefits under accident and health insurance policies 2013-2014
view A1009 Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal Multiple Dwelling Law Permits tenants heat repair expense to be set off against rent 2015-2016
view A10090 Assemblymember Kevin A. Cahill Financial Services Relates to assessment of certain title insurance corporations 2013-2014
view A10091 Assemblymember Kevin A. Cahill Public Health Law Requires health insurers to accept payments for coverage of health care from third parties 2013-2014
view A10092 Assemblyman Peter J. Abbate, Jr. Retirement Relates to the payment of certain retirement benefits to the spouse of Susan Kupferman 2013-2014

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