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Bill Number Bill Sponsor Law Section Bill Title Bill Year
Last updated: 01/05/2017
view S989 Senator Kevin S. Parker Mental Hygiene Law Establishes a program of tiered eligibility for services offered by OPWDD for persons with learning disabilities and other complex neurological impairments 2013-2014
view S989 Senator Jeffrey D. Klein Legislative Law Requires public hearings on the executive budget shall be conducted in certain areas of the state 2011-2012
view S988 Senator Kenneth P. LaValle Constitution, Concurrent Resolutions to Amend Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow a district court judge to serve as a family court judge in the judicial district of his or her residence 2015-2016
view S988 Senator Jack M. Martins Penal Law Relates to the criminal sale of a controlled substance to a person less than fourteen years of age 2013-2014
view S988 Senator Jeffrey D. Klein Insurance Law Enacts provisions to reduce the incidence of motor vehicle insurance fraud 2011-2012
view S987 Senator David Carlucci Criminal Procedure Law Relates to disqualification of employment for criminal history and the definition of ability to consent; provides hearsay exception for developmentally disabled 2015-2016
view S987 Senator Jack M. Martins Executive Law Requires inmates incarcerated for a class A-I felony, requesting a delay of their parole hearing, to submit such request to the state board of parole 2013-2014
view S987 Senator Jeffrey D. Klein Multiple Dwelling Law Prohibits the hiring of a level 2 or level 3 sex offender as a building superintendent or resident manager, provides that sexual harassment of a tenant is a violation 2011-2012
view S986 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Social Services Law Relates to notice requirements when funding cuts are made 2015-2016
view S986 Senator Jack M. Martins Nassau County Authorizes the board of cooperative educational services of Nassau county to maintain funds in an employee benefit accrued liability reserve fund 2013-2014
view S986 Senator Jeffrey D. Klein New York State Urban Development Corporation Act Establishes a biomedical research grants and working capital loan program within the urban development corporation 2011-2012
view S985 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Correction Law Relates to personal phone calls for inmates in certain circumstances 2015-2016
view S985 Senator Jack M. Martins Civil Practice Law and Rules Relates to a stay of enforcement of a determination involving a permit or approval in connection with the development or construction of residential housing 2013-2014
view S985 Senator Jeffrey D. Klein Elder Law Makes certain persons who are eligible for or receiving social security disability insurance benefits eligible for elderly pharmaceutical insurance coverage 2011-2012
view S984 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Correction Law Authorizes certain inmates serving an indeterminate sentence to receive good time allowances of up to 1/3 of their minimum sentences 2015-2016

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