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Bill Number Bill Sponsor Law Section Bill Title Bill Year
Last updated: 01/05/2017
view A10022 Assemblymember John J. McEneny Public Lands Law Authorizes payment of additional state aid for certain state-leased or state-owned lands 2011-2012
view A10022 Assemblymember Kevin A. Cahill Uniform City Court Act Provides for the selection a city court judge for the city of Watertown and for the city of Kingston 2013-2014
view A10023 Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law Relates to the qualifications of members of the gaming commission 2011-2012
view A10023 Assemblymember Aileen M. Gunther Mental Hygiene Law Relates to the heroin and opioid addiction wraparound services demonstration program 2013-2014
view A10024 Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz Mental Hygiene Law Relates to the powers of the commissioner; technical amendments 2011-2012
view A10024 Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Public Health Law Provides for the use of opioid antagonists in schools 2013-2014
view A10025 Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz Mental Hygiene Law Relates to compulsive gambling assistance 2011-2012
view A10025 Assemblymember Aileen M. Gunther Mental Hygiene Law Establishes protocols for assisted outpatient treatment for substance abusers 2013-2014
view A10026 Assemblywoman Barbara M. Clark Penal Law Enacts the "protect our children act"; repealer 2013-2014
view A10027 Assemblyman James D. Conte Suffolk County Relates to the conveyance of land formerly used as an armory to the town of Huntington in the county of Suffolk 2011-2012
view A10027 Assemblymember James F. Brennan Not-for-Profit Corporation Law Relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to prohibiting employees of a not-for-profit corporation from serving as chair of the board 2013-2014
view A10028 Assemblymember Rafael L. Espinal Jr Vehicle and Traffic Law Relates to the presence of official full or partial lane markings on roadway 2011-2012
view A10028 Assemblymember Robert J. Rodriguez New York City Administrative Code Relates to conditions for granting scaffolding permit renewals on construction projects involving public housing provided by the New York city housing authority 2013-2014
view A10029 Assemblyman Peter J. Abbate, Jr. Public Authorities Law Provides for independent personnel review boards for the New York city transit authority and the triborough bridge and tunnel authority 2011-2012
view A10029 Assemblyman Dov Hikind Retirement Grants retroactive retiree status to former New York city public-school teacher Israel Baum 2013-2014

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