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Bill Number Bill Sponsor Law Section Bill Title Bill Year
Last updated: 01/05/2017
view S994 Senator Jeffrey D. Klein Executive Law Establishes principles governing the management of state-owned intellectual property 2011-2012
view S994 Senator Elizabeth O'C. Little Education Law Authorizes boards of cooperative educational services to engage in collective bargaining with component school district employees 2013-2014
view S994 Senator Martin J. Golden Penal Law Increases penalties for sale of controlled substances if it occurs on park grounds or playgrounds; defines park grounds or playgrounds 2015-2016
view S995 Senator Jeffrey D. Klein Social Services Law Broadens the scope of child abuse and neglected child to include proof of a positive controlled substance toxicology report on a newborn infant 2011-2012
view S995 Senator Elizabeth O'C. Little Constitution, Concurrent Resolutions to Amend Authorizes state residents to gather fallen timber from the floor of the state forest preserve when such timber is within 50 feet of a public highway 2013-2014
view S995 Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer Environmental Conservation Law Relates to use of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and best available technology by the state; repealer 2015-2016
view S996 Senator Jeffrey D. Klein Public Authorities Law Creates the intellectual property asset management advisory council 2011-2012
view S996 Senator Elizabeth O'C. Little Town Law Authorizes the town board of any town, which does not have a fire district, to establish and operate a town fire department 2013-2014
view S996 Senator Martin Malave Dilan Vehicle and Traffic Law Relates to limiting the use of certain substances in brake friction material 2015-2016
view S997 Senator Elizabeth O'C. Little Education Law Excludes the value of state forest preserve lands in the Adirondack and Catskill parks from use in the determination of state aid to school districts 2013-2014
view S997 Senator Martin Malave Dilan Vehicle and Traffic Law Defines the term electric assisted bicycle 2015-2016
view S998 Senator Elizabeth O'C. Little Education Law Authorizes school districts to establish a reserve fund to cover the costs and expenses of providing special education programs 2013-2014
view S998 Senator Martin Malave Dilan Vehicle and Traffic Law Provides that motor vehicles, with certain exceptions, shall not be operated with an accumulation of snow or ice on the surface thereof 2015-2016
view S999 Senator Elizabeth O'C. Little Real Property Tax Law Authorizes fire districts to impose ad valorem levies and special assessments on otherwise tax exempt real property 2013-2014
view S999 Senator Martin Malave Dilan Highway Law Authorizes county highway superintendents to rent road machinery from any city, town or village 2015-2016

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