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Bill Number Bill Sponsor Law Section Bill Title Bill Year
Last updated: 01/05/2017
view S979 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Correction Law Provides inmates the opportunity to take the test assessing secondary completion 2015-2016
view S979 Senator Thomas W. Libous General Business Law Enacts the "institutional investor recovery act" 2013-2014
view S978 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Executive Law Alters the composition of the state board of parole 2015-2016
view S978 Senator Thomas W. Libous State Finance Law Enacts the "buy from the backyard act" 2013-2014
view S977 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Appropriations Creates a temporary state commission to study and investigate issues affecting reentry of inmates released from correctional facilities; appropriation 2015-2016
view S977 Senator Thomas W. Libous State Finance Law Requires public contracts to include a clause authorizing contractors to recover damages for delay for itself as well as on behalf of subcontractors or materialmen 2013-2014
view S976 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Correction Law Relates to the segregated confinement of inmates with serious mental illness 2015-2016
view S976 Senator Thomas W. Libous Civil Service Law Relates to eligibility for permanent appointment of certain police officers 2013-2014
view S975 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Education Law Authorizes academic performance awards for incarcerated persons; repealer 2015-2016
view S975 Senator Thomas W. Libous Education Law Authorizes optometrists to prescribe certain drugs that may be used for therapeutic purposes and taken orally 2013-2014
view S974 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Social Services Law Relates to training and education for sustainable wage jobs and traditional and nontraditional employment in public assistance employment programs 2015-2016
view S974 Senator Thomas W. Libous County Law Authorizes counties to lease county land for natural gas exploration, development and production for 5 years or as long as gas is produced 2013-2014
view S973 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Social Services Law Requires social services districts to maintain a waiting list of families who have applied for child care assistance and data regarding the income of such families 2015-2016
view S973 Senator Thomas W. Libous Highway Law Designates state route 23 as a state arterial highway in the city of Norwich, county of Chenango 2013-2014
view S972 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Social Services Law Directs social services districts to contract with non-residential programs for victims of domestic violence to provide outreach and education in high schools 2015-2016

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