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Bill Number Bill Sponsor Law Section Bill Title Bill Year
Last updated: 01/05/2017
view S966 Senator Thomas W. Libous Social Services Law Enacts the "public assistance integrity act" to prohibit sale or purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or lottery tickets with public assistance benefits 2013-2014
view S966 Senator Owen H. Johnson Election Law Eliminates the requirement for the use of electronic voting machines during village and fire district elections 2011-2012
view S965 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Education Law Requires that the NYS board of regents holds at least 2 meetings a year in New York city 2015-2016
view S965 Senator Thomas W. Libous Retirement and Social Security Law Relates to the attorney general's investigation and commencement of actions relating to fraudulent practices alleged to have damaged a public retirement system 2013-2014
view S964 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Education Law Establishes the foster care higher education scholarship pilot program 2015-2016
view S964 Senator Thomas W. Libous Uniform City Court Act Makes the city court judges in the city of Norwich full-time positions 2013-2014
view S963 Senator Velmanette Montgomery Education Directs the board of regents and the state education department to develop a model for improved articulation of the education program for career mobility 2015-2016
view S963 Senator Thomas W. Libous Firefighters Increases the value of the assets that the fire department of the village of Owego is authorized to own from $10,000 to $500,000 2013-2014
view S963 Senator Kenneth P. LaValle Uniform Commercial Code Deems goods to be on sale or return as to creditor claims when goods delivered to person dealing in goods of the kind involved 2011-2012
view S962 Senator Jose M. Serrano Environmental Conservation Law Authorizes the attorney general to enforce the provisions of the environmental conservation law and its rules and regulations in the name of the people of the state 2015-2016
view S962 Senator Thomas W. Libous Election Law Directs state board of elections to contract with certified public accountancy firm to audit 3% of the candidates who run for state legislature during general elections 2013-2014
view S962 Senator Kenneth P. LaValle General Municipal Law Extends powers of municipal corporations to acquire public utilities by the power of eminent domain 2011-2012
view S961 Senator Jose M. Serrano Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law Relates to allowing veterans to fish for free in state parks 2015-2016
view S961 Senator Thomas W. Libous Constitution, Concurrent Resolutions to Amend Relates to the authorization of debt in times of public emergency 2013-2014
view S960 Senator Jose M. Serrano Executive Law Requires state departments, divisions, commissions, agencies and other entities which have a website to provide a link on such website to non-English information 2015-2016

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