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Last updated: 01/05/2017
view J2027 TKACZYK Resolutions, Legislative Commending Christine Bianchi upon the occasion of being selected as 2013 Valedictorian of Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk High School in recognition of her outstanding accomplishment 2013-2014
view S5492 TKACZYK Tax Law Relates to extending the authorization for the imposition of sales and compensating use tax in Montgomery county until November 30, 2015 2013-2014
view S5290 TKACZYK Energy Law Authorizes the secretary of state to appoint a person from the utility intervention unit within the consumer protection division to serve on the state energy planning board 2013-2014
view S5235 TKACZYK Election Law Enacts the Disaster Voting Relief Act of 2014; provides for temporary voting procedures in a state of emergency 2013-2014
view S5230 TKACZYK Local Finance Law Provides that bond anticipation notes by the town of Ulster issued during calendar years 2009 and 2010 may not extend more than 7 years beyond original date of issuance of such bond notes 2013-2014
view S4523 TKACZYK Tax Law Creates the broadband internet access act of 2014 2013-2014
view S4522 TKACZYK Real Property Tax Law Relates to providing state aid to public school districts in which tax exempt entities are situated 2013-2014
view S4521 TKACZYK Agriculture and Markets Law Establishes the small farm disaster recovery grant program 2013-2014
view S4520 TKACZYK State Finance Law Relates to creating a small farm modernization fund program and a small farm modernization fund 2013-2014
view S4482 TKACZYK Election Law Relates to the number of affidavit ballots to be supplied at polling sites 2013-2014
view S4481 TKACZYK Election Law Relates to amending supplies to be provided at polling sites by the board of elections 2013-2014
view S4480 TKACZYK Election Law Relates to half-day shifts for election inspectors or poll clerks 2013-2014
view S4479 TKACZYK Election Law Requires the board of elections to notify absentee voters of the status of their ballot and to correct an unaccepted ballot 2013-2014
view S4478 TKACZYK Election Law Relates to annual reports of the boards of elections 2013-2014
view S4455 TKACZYK Highway Law Adds the Mountain Cloves scenic byway into the state scenic byways system 2013-2014

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