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Bill Number Bill Sponsor Law Section Bill Title Bill Year
Last updated: 01/05/2017
view S2782 Senator Adriano Espaillat Real Property Tax Law Alters tax exemption programs for the development of new and affordable housing 2011-2012
view J356 Senator Adriano Espaillat Resolutions, Legislative Mourning the death of Apolinar Trinidad, legendary Dominican political activist and civil rights leader 2011-2012
view J272 Senator Adriano Espaillat Resolutions, Legislative Memorializing Governor Andrew M. Cuomo to proclaim January 24, 2011, as Juan Pablo Duarte Day in the State of New York 2011-2012
view S1881 Senator Adriano Espaillat General Business Law Enacts the immigration provider enforced disclosure information and registration (IMPEDIR) act of 2011 2011-2012
view S1879 Senator Adriano Espaillat Labor Law Relates to the farmworkers fair labor practices act 2011-2012
view S1880 Senator Adriano Espaillat General Business Law Relates to penalties for sale of alcohol to minors by licensed barbers 2011-2012
view S1878 Senator Adriano Espaillat Public Service Law Requires gas and electric utilities to make available to landlords upon request information concerning gas and electric charges incurred for residential premises 2011-2012
view A2610 Assemblyman Michael J. Fitzpatrick Real Property Taxation Authorizes the town of Smithtown to accept an application for real property tax exemption from the Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church 2011-2012
view A2575 Assemblyman Michael J. Fitzpatrick Tax Law Grants tax credit for downpayment made on residential housing 2011-2012
view A3672 Assemblyman Gary D. Finch Village Law Relates to the residency requirement for the village clerk of the village of Aurora, Cayuga county 2011-2012
view A3675 Assemblyman Gary D. Finch Agriculture and Markets Law Makes provisions relating to establishing a dairy farmers' bill of rights 2011-2012
view S3721 Senator Hugh T. Farley Taxation Amends chapter 489 of the laws of 2004, relating to the mortgage recording tax in the county of Fulton, to extend the effectiveness of such chapter 2011-2012
view S3720 Senator Hugh T. Farley Tax Law Relates to extending authorization for the imposition of additional sales tax in Fulton county 2011-2012
view J655 Senator Hugh T. Farley Resolutions, Legislative Recognizing March of 2011, as Women's History Month 2011-2012
view S3485 Senator Hugh T. Farley Education Law Permits persons 60 years of age to take state university courses for credit without tuition 2011-2012

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