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NYOpenGovernment consolidates information from a variety of existing public disclosure databases and made it available on this website. A “member item” is the colloquial term used to describe state funding allocated by legislators to community, civic, and public health initiatives in their home district. Beginning in 2010 member items have been removed from the state budget through the use of the Governor’s line-item veto power.Therefore, though some legacy spending continues and discretionary spending exists through other means, member items have not been reported since 2010. Member item data on NYOpenGovernment is for historical reference only.

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Project/Recipient Description Agency Funding Level House Date
Last updated: 02/08/2012
view Montgomery County Agricultural Society, Inc. to install wash racks, and to install a sprinkler system Ag&Mkts $50,000.00 Senate Farley SFY 2008-2009
view Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society Funding for Capital Improvements Ag&Mkts $50,000.00 Senate Bruno SFY 2008-2009
view Goshen Historic Track, Inc. for costs associated with repairing the roof and repainting the girders on the grandstand Ag&Mkts $50,000.00 Senate Larkin SFY 2008-2009
view Humane Society of Rochester & Monroe County PCA, Inc. Funds will be used to support ""Lollypop Farm West."" The Humane Society at Lollypop Farm is a community funded non-profit animal shelter and learning center. Ag&Mkts $50,000.00 Senate Robach SFY 2008-2009
view Tourniquet Inc To provide of services for lost ,abandoned and stray domestic animals Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Padavan SFY 2006-2007
view Niagara County Farm Bureau Expenses for a Wine Tasting tent at county Fair & construction of a family friendly Agricultural Education Tent Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Maziarz SFY 2006-2007
view Humane Society of Livingston County Expenses associated with the Society's low cost spay/neuter program. Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Young C SFY 2006-2007
view Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schenectady County for equipment, and for the installation of an irrigation line, for the Roots and Wisdom program Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Farley SFY 2006-2007
view Cornell Cooperative Extension - Ontario County for the purchase of bunk beds for Camp Bristol. Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Volker SFY 2006-2007
view Cornell Cooperative Extension/The Walking Example Group Funding to pay for printing, Publication and marketing of a unique food guide showcasing a number of Otsego County attributes and attractions for depicting NYS agricultural products. Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Seward SFY 2006-2007
view Tourniquet, Inc. To provide of services for lost, abandoned and stray domestic animals Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Padavan SFY 2008-2009
view Rensselaer County Agricultural & Horticultural Society Funding for the Schaghticoke Fair Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Bruno SFY 2008-2009
view SPCA, Dutchess County funds to purchase IT equipment Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Saland SFY 2008-2009
view Clinton County Federation of Fish and Game Club Costs associated with building maintenance at the Clinton County Fair grounds. Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Little SFY 2008-2009
view East Meredith Fish, Game & Gun Club, Inc. Funding will be used for building repairs. Ag&Mkts $5,000.00 Senate Bonacic SFY 2008-2009

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