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NYOpenGovernment consolidates information from a variety of existing public disclosure databases and made it available on this website. A “member item” is the colloquial term used to describe state funding allocated by legislators to community, civic, and public health initiatives in their home district. Beginning in 2010 member items have been removed from the state budget through the use of the Governor’s line-item veto power.Therefore, though some legacy spending continues and discretionary spending exists through other means, member items have not been reported since 2010. Member item data on NYOpenGovernment is for historical reference only.

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Project/Recipient Description Agency Funding Level House Date
Last updated: 02/08/2012
view Vital Theater To present programs for Vital¿s main theater|and for the children¿s theater| Parks $1,000.00 Senate Duane SFY 2006-2007
view Vocal Ease Inc. A non-profit 501(C)3 volunteer singing|organization that brings live entertainment to the sick and elderly in hospitals, nursing|homes, senior centers, and residences throughout New York City.| Parks $1,000.00 Senate Duane SFY 2006-2007
view Washington Heights Family Health Center Community Pediatrics at Columbia University Funds will be used for the publication of a|nutrition guidebook specifically for the Washington Heights community to help combat|childhood obesity.| Department of Health $1,000.00 Senate Schneiderman SFY 2006-2007
view The New Group Helps promote playwrights and playwriting|on Boadway and Off Broadway.| Parks $1,000.00 Senate Duane SFY 2006-2007
view Signature Theater Company Ticket subsidy program for free tickets for|low income, elderly and students.| Parks $1,000.00 Senate Duane SFY 2006-2007
view Silent Animal Voices Echo (S.A.V.E) Funding will provide assistance with their spay and neuter program and medical care for animals. Ag&Mkts $1,000.00 Senate Maltese SFY 2006-2007
view Sky-High Youth Services Provide after-school program for elementary|students to include activities such as sports and rap sessions, as well as talent shows.|Also run a youth camp during the summer with occasional field trips to plays and|carnivals.| OFFICE OF PARKS, RECREATION AND HISTORIC PRESERVATION $1,000.00 Senate Andrews C SFY 2006-2007
view The Kitchen Provides innovative artists working in the|media, literary, and performing arts with exhibition and performance opportunities to|create and present new work.| OFFICE OF PARKS, RECREATION AND HISTORIC PRESERVATION $1,000.00 Senate Duane SFY 2006-2007
view St. Thomas the Apostle Church To provide funding for a free concert that is open to the community. Parks $1,000.00 Senate Maltese SFY 2006-2007
view Youth Communication Youth Communication helps teenagers|develop their skills in reading, writing, thinking, and reflection, so they can acquire the|information they need to make thoughtful choices about their lives.| Education $1,000.00 Senate Duane SFY 2006-2007
view Strycker¿s Bay Neighborhood Council Inc. Eviction Prevention Program. Gives guidance|and resources to approximately 1500 families per|year, the majority¿80% are headed by|single-mothers. Through their programs they|provide families and children opportunities to|build on their strengths and remove themselves|from poverty and welfare dependency.| DCF $1,000.00 Senate Duane SFY 2006-2007
view St. Francis College Captain Timothy M. Stackpole Scholarship Fund Educ-H $1,000.00 Senate Golden SFY 2006-2007
view St. Paul's Golden Age Club Social events for seniors (trips to shows,|parties).| Aging $1,000.00 Senate Sabini SFY 2006-2007

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