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Last updated: 01/05/2017
view A2254 Assemblymember Michael Montesano General Municipal Law Relates to liability of owners of illegal rentals if a resident or certain other person is injured or dies related to such owner's negligent maintenance 2015-2016
view A2234 Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal Emergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974 Relates to penalties for owners of property who fail to file a proper or timely rent registration statement 2015-2016
view A2239 Assemblywoman Sandy Galef Civil Service Law Creates some exceptions for excused leave for certain purposes 2015-2016
view A2241 Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow Insurance Law Requires insurers insuring property in floodplains to include damages done by wave action or windblown waves 2015-2016
view A2246 Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow New York City Administrative Code Provides for the limitation of rent increases after vacancy of a rent regulated housing accommodation 2015-2016
view A2245 Assemblymember Chad Lupinacci Education Law Requires the commissioner of education to post past common core and other state standardized examinations on the department's website 2015-2016
view A2238 Assemblymember Clifford W. Crouch Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Increases fine imposed for unlawful possession of an alcoholic beverage 2015-2016
view A2240 Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow Real Property Law Entitles senior citizens to a refund of any security deposit exceeding one month's rent 2015-2016
view A2597 Assemblymember James F. Brennan Public Services Directs the department of public service to study and report on the current status of cable television systems providing services over fiberoptic cables 2015-2016
view A2592 Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Public Health Law Requires the commissioner of health to take action when areas of lead poisoning are designated 2015-2016
view A2589 Assemblymember Clifford W. Crouch Agriculture and Markets Law Relates to establishing the equine industry assistance act of 2016; appropriation 2015-2016
view A2591 Assemblyman Stephen Hawley Penal Law Establishes the crimes of vehicular assault and vehicular manslaughter in an active work zone and intrusion into an active work zone 2015-2016
view A2596 Assemblymember James F. Brennan Public Authorities Law Protects metropolitan transportation authority workers from recklessness of authority in safety, written by outlining legal relief, including injunction 2015-2016
view A2390 Assemblymember Anthony J. Brindisi Environmental Conservation Law Relates to brownfield site cleanup; repealer 2015-2016
view A2383 Assemblymember Clifford W. Crouch Environmental Conservation Law Relates to providing tax credits equal to the cost of the issuance of fishing and hunting licenses to volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers 2015-2016

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