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Bill Number Bill Sponsor Law Section Bill Title Bill Year
Last updated: 01/05/2017
view A3864 Assemblymember Richard N. Gottfried Public Housing Law Relates to payment for police services provided to the New York city housing authority 2015-2016
view S2082 Senator John J. Flanagan Penal Law Changes the age of the victim of aggravated assault, penal law 120.12, from less than eleven to less than fourteen 2015-2016
view A3052 Assemblymember Patricia Fahy Public Health Law Authorizes the common council of the city of Albany, as the local legislative body, to establish the fee charged for issuance of birth and death records 2015-2016
view A3021 Assemblymember Patricia Fahy Public Lands Law Authorizes payment of additional state aid for certain state-leased or state-owned lands 2015-2016
view S2079 Senator John J. Flanagan Real Property Law Requires buyers and lessees of residential real property to be given notice of public access to sex offender information 2015-2016
view S2081 Senator John J. Flanagan Penal Law Justifies the use of physical force on grounds surrounding a dwelling 2015-2016
view A2828 Assemblyman Steve Englebright Real Property Tax Law Provides relief for senior citizens through the school tax relief program 2015-2016
view A2867 Assemblyman Kenneth P. Zebrowski Uniform Justice Court Act Establishes minimum educational requirements of certain town and village justices 2015-2016
view A2874 Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow County Law Establishes New York state public defense commission and provides for its powers and duties, including local fiscal relief for public defense expenses 2015-2016
view A2879 Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol Penal Law Elevates all computer tampering offenses by one degree in severity 2015-2016
view A2848 Assemblyman Jeffrion L. Aubry Executive Law Relates to undisposed cases 2015-2016
view A2843 Assemblyman Jeffrion L. Aubry Executive Law Expands definition of place of public accommodation 2015-2016
view A2835 Assemblyman Matthew Titone Penal Law Enacts "Caylee's law" to establish the felonies of failure to report the disappearance or death of a child 2015-2016
view A2861 Assemblymember Steve Katz Legislative Law Amends the legislative law, in relation to term limits for members of the legislature 2015-2016
view A2838 Assemblyman Matthew Titone Vehicle and Traffic Law Allows for distinctive plates to be issued for members of the New York city fire riders motorcycle club 2015-2016

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