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Last updated: 01/05/2017
view A2375 Assemblymember Charles D. Lavine Economic Development Law Relates to authorizing small business tax-deferred savings accounts 2015-2016
view A2387 Assemblywoman Sandy Galef Tax Law Authorizes certain counties, cities and school districts to impose up to a four percent rate of sales and compensating use taxes; repealer 2015-2016
view A2382 Assemblymember Clifford W. Crouch Education Law Authorizes a pharmacist to substitute a brand name prescription drug for the generic equivalent of such drug if requested to do so by the patient 2015-2016
view A2394 Assemblymember Anthony J. Brindisi Penal Law Relates to the assault of certain public agents while in the performance of their duties 2015-2016
view A2386 Assemblyman Steve Englebright Agriculture and Markets Law Restricts the breeding of dogs and setting standards for the care of breeding dogs and their puppies 2015-2016
view A2374 Assemblyman Steve Englebright Criminal Procedure Law Permits a social worker or other professional to provide emotional support to a vulnerable elderly person testifying in certain grand jury proceedings 2015-2016
view A2379 Assemblymember Clifford W. Crouch Environmental Conservation Law Requires the department of environmental conservation to promulgate rules and regulations relating to gas flow meters at natural gas well sites 2015-2016
view A4507 Assemblywoman Barbara M. Clark Tax Law Provides for a tax deduction not to exceed two hundred dollars for monetary gifts to a library as defined under section 253 of the education law 2015-2016
view A3820 Assemblymember Angelo Santabarbara Tax Law Authorizes school tax reductions for residents in certain communities 2015-2016
view A3832 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright Labor Law Enacts the broadcast employees' freedom to work act; repealer 2015-2016
view A3837 Assemblymember Mark Johns Local Finance Law Relates to contents of notice of meeting or election where special tax or tax to be collected in installments is to be voted 2015-2016
view A3785 Assemblyman Stephen Hawley Tax Law Provides a tax credit in the amount of certain fees charged in connection with loans under the federal home loan guarantee program to national guard and reserve vets 2015-2016
view A3817 Assemblymember Phillip Goldfeder Appropriations Makes an appropriation to reimburse St. John's Episcopal Hospital for costs incurred as a result of remaining open and providing services to the community during and after Hurricane Sandy 2015-2016
view A3824 Assemblymember Phillip Goldfeder Public Health Law Relates to the obligation of hospitals, nursing homes, residential health care facilities, and facilities providing health related service to provide life-sustaining health care treatment 2015-2016
view A3831 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright Public Health Law Prohibits the use of live human subjects as surgical subjects as part of state dental professional licensing examination 2015-2016

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