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Bill Number Bill Sponsor Law Section Bill Title Bill Year
Last updated: 01/05/2017
view J344 Senator Michael Venditto Resolutions, Legislative Commending outgoing President Randy Shotland upon the occasion of his designation for special recognition by the Merrick Chamber of Commerce 2015-2016
view J337 Senator Kathleen A Marchione Resolutions, Legislative Congratulating Stillwater High School Boys Varsity Soccer Coach Ian Lewis upon the occasion of his designation as recipient of the NSCAA 2014 Coach of the Year Award 2015-2016
view S2433 Senator Michael N. Gianaris Executive Law Directs the director of the office of homeland security and emergency services to conduct a review of security of metropolitan transportation authority facilities 2015-2016
view S2018 Senator David Carlucci Penal Law Relates to theft of services for the use of a highway, parkway, bridge or tunnel 2015-2016
view S2017 Senator David Carlucci Real Property Tax Law Relates to amending the school tax relief (STAR) exemption 2015-2016
view S2016 Senator David Carlucci Civil Service Law Relates to retaliation against other jurisdictions which discriminate against hiring New York state residents 2015-2016
view S2015 Senator David Carlucci Executive Law Creates the New York immigrant family unity pilot program 2015-2016
view S2014 Senator David Carlucci Town Law Relates to the establishment and operation of a hamlet district to continue to provide village services upon the dissolution of a village 2015-2016
view A3914 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright New York State Urban Development Corporation Act Relates to the repayment, in certain circumstances, of grant money awarded under the JOBS Now program and grant money issued by an industrial development agency 2015-2016
view A3990 Assemblywoman Michele R. Titus Public Health Law Requires licensed health care professionals and hospitals to make available to patients and prospective patients a printed copy of any medical malpractice conviction 2015-2016
view A3894 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright Banking Law Requires mortgagee banks to provide notice to mortgagors when personal mortgage insurance is no longer required 2015-2016
view S2613 Senator James L. Seward Penal Law Repeals provisions of law relating to sellers of ammunition 2015-2016
view A3791 Assemblymember Kieran M Lalor Constitution, Concurrent Resolutions to Amend Proposes an amendment to the constitution prohibiting certain unfunded mandates or political subdivisions of the state 2015-2016
view A3828 Assemblymember Phillip Goldfeder Penal Law Prohibits certain sex offenders from living near or entering upon parklands that contain a playground 2015-2016
view A3789 Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright Family Court Act Provides that child in foster care freed for adoption from an authorized agency shall continue to be represented by an attorney until adoption 2015-2016

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